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Kousagi Duerre

Check out my new LJ! I've decided that I've outgrown "Quibblernews," so I have moved (ie. taken over) the moniker Kousagi Duerre. Go check it out, friend me, move to Kousagi Duerre! ^_^

It had to be done

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To protect myself, my work, and my opinions, the Quibbler is officially Friends Only. Comment to be added, but I can't guarantee that it'll happen if I don't know you.

If you're not already my friend, please follow these very simple guideline when asking to be added:

Do we know each other? If so, how?
If we don't, how did you hear of me and why did you decide to friend me?
I still think she's creepy and even though I see everything with her in it, I will not see this.

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Welcome to the Quibbler!

Yes. Welcome. Just a little newsworthy site because I'm too poor and HTML-illiterate to run a real site, lol.

Have a look around and enjoy yourselves!